The JavaScript photo gallery with 2 souls. jQuery image gallery made easy. Ready to start?

Main features

Final Tiles Gallery is a jQuery gallery plugin with many features. The main one is the ability to use images with different sizes in the same gallery.
That means this is an image gallery with vertical thumbnails also.
So if you're looking for a jQuery gallery with thumbnails of mixed sizes and aspect ratio then this is the plugin you're looking for.


Final Tiles is a responsive jQuery gallery so it fits on desktop and mobile devices

Complex grids

This is a jQuery grid gallery with 2 available layouts: Final and Masonry

No cuts

Control the maximum crop. A higher value will increase the likelihood of aligned borders.


Add as many filters you like. Click a filter, and see the images build a new layout

Infinite scroll

Do you like picture walls? Use infinite scroll to dynamically load tons of images


Embedded content can now be used, like YouTube or Vimeo videos

Scroll effects

Add special effects when scrolling down the gallery

Social sharing

Boost connections to your site using social sharing on each images

2 available layouts

Columns layout gallery

Multi column layout (masonry)

Final tiles layout gallery

Final Tiles layout

Usage examples