2 layouts

Final Tiles Gallery for WordPress has a unique features: you can choose from 2 different layouts. That means you can have 2 different kind of gallery in one WordPress gallery plugin!

Pinterest (masonry) layout

This is the classic Pinterest layout where images are placed in a multi column layout. Final Tiles Gallery will let you choose the number of colums for each screen resolution, so you can have many columns on wide screens and fewer columns on small devices. Pinterest layout demo

Final Tiles layout

This layout is the really unique feature you can't find in other WordPress galleries. Final Tiles layout is perfect to make dynamic grids with images of mixed sizes and aspect ratios. Final Tiles layout demo

Final Tiles Gallery is 100% a responsive WordPress gallery plugin. That means not only the grid will update when the browser is resized or when a mobile device is rotated, but it also can use different grids for different screen resolution. By tuning the Image size factor value you can decide how the gallery will look on any device or display. Responsive gallery demo

Hover effects

Give your galleries a personal touch by creating your own hover effect. Choose the amount of zoom and rotation to apply when user hovers an image. Hover effects demo

Loading effects

Make your own and unique loading effect. Use 8 different paramenter (effect duration, easing function, scaling, sliding, etc.) to animate images when they complete to load.

Are you scared of too many settings? Have no fear at all! You can choose one of the 8 preset effects. Be sure you have a look at the demo. Loading effects demo

Custom captions

Final Tiles Gallery has 2 available fields for your captions: Title and Description. Each field can be styled so you can adjust for example font size and color.
You can also set the position (top, middle or bottom) and the alignmen (right, center, left).
There are also 7 different animations about how to show captions. You can choose whether to make captions always visible and hide them on mouse hover, or viceversa. Custom captions demo

Final Tiles Gallery can use custom links on each image. You can even mix link types in a gallery. For example, you could have some image which open a lightbox when clicked and some other images linked to a URL. When you link a URL you can also choose whether to open the page in a new tab (_blank)or in the same tab.


Final Tiles Gallery can build galleries from your WooCommerce products, so you don't have to use those ugly standard galleries.
You can choose one or more categories of products for each gallery, so they can have different settings and styles.


Yes, Final Tiles Gallery can also use posts, pages and custom posts to automatically build galleries.
This way you can use this WordPress plugin to make a grid of recent posts in your home page.

7 Lightboxes

This WordPress gallery plugin includes even 7 lightboxes: LightGallery, Magnific popup, ColorBox, PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, SwipeBox, Lightbox. It also has native support for EverlightBox.
If your theme already uses its own lightbox Final Tiles Gallery is able to use seamlessly integrate with it.

Video support

Create your own video gallery on WordPress with Final Tiles Gallery! You can embed videos from any source: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and all platforms with an "iframe type" embed code. Video support demo


Filters are one of the most useful features. You can define any number of filters in order to create your filterable gallery or portfolio. Each image can have more than one filter, so this works very well also for product showcases.
You can also start the gallery with a selected filter. Filtering demo

Social sharing

Social sharing is a very important feature because it's able to increase the engagement of your users and thus the traffic to your website.
Final Tiles Gallery supports sharing on the most used social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. This plugin is able to share the image clicked by the user, while many other plugins can only share the first image found inside the page. Social sharing demo

Albums (lightbox groups)

Sometimes you need a WordPress gallery plugin which is able to show grouped images, and you need a cover image and show the other images only when you click the cover.

Good news :)

Final Tiles Gallery is perfect for such cases! You can group images inside a gallery and hide all images except one for each album, which will be the cover image. This feature is perfect for wedding albums or online portfolios. Albums (lightbox groups) demo

Infinite scroll (lazy loading)

Performance is fundamental and we care about it, that's why we added a lazy loading feature which is very useful especially when your gallery has many images.

By activating lazy loading you don't need to worry about how many images you add to your gallery because the plugin will load only the needed images. Infinite scroll (lazy loading) demo


If need further deeper customisation you can use the Custom CSS box where you can place your own custom CSS code.

List of CSS classes used by Final Tiles Gallery:

CSS class Description
.final-tiles-gallery Gallery container
.final-tiles-gallery .tile Gallery item
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .tile-inner Image container
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .tile-inner .item Image or iframe
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .tile-inner .item .caption-block .title Caption title
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .tile-inner .item .caption-block .subtitle Caption subtitle
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .ftg-social Social icons container
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .ftg-social a Social icon
.final-tiles-gallery .tile .tile-inner:before Caption background
.final-tiles-gallery .ftg-filters Filters container
.final-tiles-gallery .ftg-filters a Filters
.final-tiles-gallery .ftg-filters a.selected Selected filter