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Shortcode HELP:

[FinalTilesGallery id='1' caption_behavior="slide-from-bottom" 	caption_vertical_alignment="middle" caption_horizontal_alignment="left" caption_color="#ffffff" caption_background_color="#000000"]

How to make a gallery with captions in WordPress?

If you're looking for a WordPress plugin image gallery with captions then you're in the right place. It's very easy adding captions with Final Tiles Grid Gallery. Before adding images to your gallery you can choose the WordPress fields to copy texts from. Final Tiles Grid Gallery can show a title and a caption for each photo. Tipically you'd copy the WordPress "title" field for the "title" and the "caption" or "description" field for the "caption".

Once you have chosen the fields where to copy from, you can add images to your gallery and Final Tiles Grid Gallery will copy the texts from your media library! Read FAQ.


  • Can I use a title and a caption on the same image?

    Yes you can do it! You can choose whether to use a title, a caption or both together.

  • Can I customise text color?

    Yes, sure.

  • Can I customise background color?

    Yes, sure.

  • Can I pull posts or pages instead of using images of media library?

    Yes, Final Tiles Gallery is a WordPress responsive posts gallery with captions too.

  • Do the included lightbox support captions?

    Yes, Final Tiles Gallery is also a WordPress lightbox gallery with captions support.