Learn how to create a gallery filter using Final Tiles Grid Gallery.

Creating a filter that your customers can click and then filter out non related images is simple. There are two ways to accomplish this task. 
You can create a filter for an existing gallery or you can create a filter for a brand new gallery. The steps should be identical. 
  1. Visit the gallery settings by clicking the "Final Tiles Gallery" link from the WordPress admin panel.


  2. Identify the gallery that you want to use for your photo album and click the "edit" button (pencil icon).


  3. Click the "General" setting.


  4. Select the "Filters" option from the dropdown menu.


  5. Add the name of your first filter, then click the "Add Filter" button.

    Note: Repeat these steps until all of your filters are named. The All filter option will be presented by default and does not require that you create it.


  6. After all of the names for your filters have been provided, click the "save" button.

    Note: The "All" filter option text can be changed in the "Text for "All" filter" section seen in the image for step 6.

  7. Click the "Images" setting.
  8. Select the images that should be included in the filter when its has been clicked by selecting each image. 

    Note: No need to press ctrl or command buttons. Just click the images.


  9. Click the "Assign Filters" button and assign those images a group name.


  10. Select from the filter names that you provided earlier and click the "Proceed" button. 

    Note: We used "Drinks" for this example.


  11. All of the images in your filter should now show your label "Drinks".


  12. You should repeat all of these steps for each filter that you want to create. 
  13. Be sure to click the save button when you are finished. Once your gallery shortcode is place on a page or post, your filter should be visible at the top of the gallery.

You have now created filters using Final Tiles Grid Gallery. If this did not work for you, please review the steps and try again or reach out to us for support and we would be happy to help you.