It has support for video, WooCommerce, multiple lightboxes, captions, and more. It uses a responsive design so galleries look great on any device.

The plugin is packed full of configuration options to help you design the gallery you want. Thankfully, the inclusion of a gallery wizard means that the task of creating a new gallery in Final Tiles Grid Gallery is very straight forward.

In this tutorial, I would like to walk you through the Final Tiles Grid Gallery wizard and show you what steps you need to complete to create a new gallery.

How to Create a New Final Tiles Grid Gallery

Once the plugin has been installed, you will see a new menu for Final Tiles Grid Gallery in your WordPress admin area. Click on the “Add Gallery” link.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery Admin Menu

In the first step of the wizard, you can name your gallery and add a description. I recommend adding a self-explanatory name and description for each gallery you add as when you have multiple galleries on your website, it will help you quickly see what each gallery contains.

Adding a Name and Description

Next, you choose the source of your images. You can select your WordPress media gallery, the featured images from your recent blog posts, or WooCommerce product images (the eCommerce plugin WooCommerce needs to be active for this option to be selectable).

Final Tiles Grid Gallery

Captions can be applied to images. You can use the image title, the image caption, or the image description (these are all default WordPress attachment fields). Alternatively, you can disable captions altogether.

Seven animation effects are available for your captions. These are fade, slide from top, slide from bottom, slide from left, slide from right, rotate from left, and rotate from right.

Configuring Image Captions

In the next step you can select the default image size for images in your gallery. The sizes on offer to you will depend on the image sizes that are defined in your theme’s functions.php file.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery

Clicking on the “Add Images” button will load up the WordPress media library. You can add existing images to your gallery from your media library or upload new images.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery

Once you click save, you will be provided with a shortcode for your gallery. This can be inserted into any blog post or page.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery Shortcode

As you can see, the gallery wizard is a quick and efficient way of adding a new gallery in Final Tiles Grid Gallery. Do not worry too much about the settings you define during the wizard as they can be modified later through the main gallery configuration page. The whole point of the wizard is to help you set up a gallery quickly so that you can display media in a professional manner on your website.