Note: Version 3.2.0 or later is required to use this feature.

There are two ways to accomplish this task. You can create a new album from scratch or update an existing gallery to become an album. 


Creating a new gallery for a photo album

  1. Create a new gallery. If needed, see this article for instructions on creating a new gallery using Final Tiles Grid Gallery.
  2. Visit the gallery settings.

  3. Proceed to the following section.


Using a photo from existing gallery

  1. Identify the gallery that you want to use for your photo album and click the "edit" button (pencil icon).

  2. Click the "Images" setting.

  3. Select the images that should be included in the album by clicking each image.  Note: No need to press ctrl or command buttons. Just click the images.

  4. Click the "Assign Group" button and assign those images a group name.

  5. Provide the group name that you would like to use for the album and click the "Proceed" button. Note: This will not be viewable by the public. We used "Drinks" for this example.

  6. All of the images should now show your label.

  7. Although your photos are now grouped into an album, it wont function like an album on the front end until you take the next steps.

  8. Decide which image you want for your album cover, then select all of the images except that one, then click the "Toggle Visibility" button. Note: We are going to make the image of the strawberry drink - on the far right - our album cover image.

  9. Click the "Proceed" button.

  10. Now preview your album on your page or post and you should see your album as a single image that when clicked will display the other grouped images in your album in a popup.

You have now created an album using Final Tiles Grid Gallery. If this did not work for you, please review the steps and try again or reach out to us for support and we would be happy to help you.